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We build world’s fastest distributed database. Yes, that’s impressive! What’s even more impressive is how awesome team behind it is. Want to join? Apply ✨!


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    Hiring process

    • Apply

      Send us your CV and fill out an application form in English. 😊

      For Tech or Creative roles, we kindly request that you provide links to your portfolio, GitHub/Bitbucket, or Behance profile along with your application.

    • Let’s talk culture and soft skills fit

      During the interview with our People Team, we will talk about your expectations and motivations. 🙌🏼

      You will also get to know how we do things around here and hear more details about the company in general.

    • Let’s talk tech fit

      It’s time to delve into your job-specific skills and experience on a more extensive interview. 👀 There may also be a task or workshop. It will be a perfect chance to meet your future teammates and ask any questions you may have.

      Side note: for some roles, soft and hard skills interview might be just one meeting.

    • Feedback

      Whether we invite you to join our team or not, we are committed to providing you with thoughtful feedback and insights on your performance.

      Likewise, we appreciate your input on your experience with us. 🙏🏻

    What we offer


    No fruity Thursdays or discounted tickets, only benefits you actually want and need.

    • Employee Stock Option Plan

      Every employee participate and benefit from the success of the company in the same way as the founders.

    • Private health insurance

      Or health insurance subsidy.

    • 100% paid sick leave

      It’s not cool to have to worry about work while feeling fever, runny nose or menstrual cramps.

    • Min. 26 days of paid personal time off

      So you can rest and chill somewhere under the palm trees. Recharged batteries are good for you!

    • Quarterly team trips

      Spend around 2-3 working days together in the wild, not only in digital world.

    • English lessons

      Online, with native speakers to brush up on daily communication with the team.

    • Remote first and flexible working hours (for real flexible)

      Remote first and flexible working hours (for real flexible)

    • Home office bonus

      Customize and stock your home office with the things you need to work comfortably. You will get bonus for that on the start.

    • Life insurance

      The basic package is fully covered by the company, but you can tailor your insurance coverage according to your needs.

    • Multisport

      Last but not least – the good, old one Multisport membership card.

    why join us

    See how well you fit with us

    Why Oxla?

    • We embrace growth and passion

      The saying „If you’re the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room,” is close to your mindset. You are looking for a place that embraces growth and constantly challenge yourself. Instead of feeling threatened by others’ brilliance, you view it as an opportunity to learn and expand our own capabilities. Embrace growth, not threats.
    • Small scale, for now

      You are looking for something long-term yet exciting. Joining a small company (20+ specialists, for now) at an early stage provides the opportunity to experience the benefits of significantly shaping the company and its structures. We will not be small forever, though.
    • Our team is built on trust and respect

      You are looking for a place embracing real ownership, transparency, guidance from management, along with meaningful equity. At Oxla, you won’t find micromanagement, decision silos, bureaucracy, and unnecessary procedures.

    Why not Oxla?

    • We are not a talent contest

      You want to be a superstar. We appreciate and celebrate individual talents, but we also prioritize creating an environment free from big egos and politics. We value team players who focus on collective success rather than personal agendas.
    • It’s rather difficult, difficult, lemon difficult

      You want to do something easy. If it were easy, it would have been done already. At Oxla, we embrace challenges and thrive on tackling complex problems. Our focus is on making things easy for our customers.
    • We are not saving the world

      You want to be the savior of the world. At Oxla, our focus is on fulfilling the needs of our customers, rather. While we recognize the importance of addressing global challenges, our primary goal is to provide valuable solutions for our customers.

    Our teams

    Get to know us

    Learn more about what work is like in each team

    Team of tech savvies focused on building our product 🔝. Our daily work orbits around the design, development, and maintenance of the engine of our distributed database, as well as providing systems and features focused on great experience and fulfilling the needs of our clients. Tech teams are small, autonomous, and work in the scrum.
    People Team’s duties encompass providing a fast and efficient recruitment process for candidates, creating a positive employer brand, fostering the growth of Oxla employees, and cultivating the company’s culture🤘🏼. Our initiatives include learning and development programs, taking care of the full employee life cycle, selection and administration of well-tailored benefits, organizing team offsite events, and many others.
    The Creative team is responsible for brand identity creation, encompassing visual and communications aspects. We collaborate daily, generating innovative ideas across various aspects, including design, marketing, developer relations, and product documentation. With our expertise, we bring imaginative concepts to life, crafting compelling content and captivating experiences.✨

    Who are we? The TL;DR

    Oxla’s mission is empowering data processing

    We started with a prototype of an incredibly efficient query engine, but from the beginning, our goal was to address the challenges that developers face in their day-to-day work with data. Speed and cost are obviously important, but so are reliability, scalability, ease of use, and the range of operations that a database can perform. In the future our work might go beyond databases.

    Our investors

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